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Listed Infrastructure:

Moving to the Mainstream

October 15, 2020

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Watch the Video, Key Discussion Points & Presentation

Watch the panel discussion here

Listed Infrastructure: Moving to the Mainstream


Fraser Hughes - Global Listed Infrastructure Organisation (GLIO)



David Bentley - ATLAS Infrastructure

Peter Hobbs – bfinance 

Matt Bushby – RARE Infrastructure

Chris Holmes - Foresight

Much of the discussion centered on the October 2020 IPE Real Assets survey and key questions arising were:

• How has listed infrastructure evolved as an asset class?

• What's the opportunity set and how does it compare to private markets?

• How do asset owners view it: is it infrastructure or equities?

• Can listed and unlisted infrastructure co-exist and work together?

• Why are listed infrastructure multiples lower and what value do they offer?

• What role do liquidity and the time it takes to get capital invested play?

• ESG and how does listed infrastructure fare in disclosure and transparency?

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