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Virtual Conference Week

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Energy Security Panel

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Watch Gale Klappa, WEC Energy Group and Ralph Izzo, PSEG discuss Energy Security with Steve Fleishman, Wolfe Research. 

The key takeaways of the discussion were: 

  • Both are focused on balancing 3 main objectives:  

  1. Affordability;

  2. Reliability; and

  3. Clean energy. 

  • They see a diversity of fuel supply as necessary, citing “all of the above” strategies;

  • The US needs to focus on “energizing” the economy and take advantage of its favorable, diverse resource advantages;

  • Gale indicated more pipeline capacity is needed, as gas generation isn’t going away and CCGTs will need to run harder than ever; similarly, Ralph pushed carbon capture as a way to take advantage of existing coal/gas;

  • On clean energy tax credits, Ralph is obviously supportive of a nuclear PTC, but so is Gale – nuclear licensing decisions need to be made years in advance and right now the PTC would cost taxpayers nothing and be more of an insurance policy; Ralph still thinks there’s a chance of passage this year;

  • They both worry about affordability given fuel cost pressures but noted that WI/NJ are at the lower end of the spectrum in terms of a utility bill as a percent of total wallet share.

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