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GLIO Outreach Committee

The GLIO Investor Outreach Committee is responsible for raising awareness for the listed companies in the GLIO Index. 

The GLIO Investor Outreach Committee has a shortlist of defined priorities being:

  • Providing timely, accurate and standardized  information on SDG/ESG, by working with:

    • GLIO​

    • GRESB

    • Other GLIO members

  • Working together to develop an effective network for companies who are a constituent of the GLIO Index and a broad range of global investors. This involves:

    • Physical meetings​ and seminars

    • Virtual meeting and seminars

    • Physical one-on-one meetings

    • Virtual one-on-one meetings

    • Introductions

Beth Straka WEC Energy Group

Scott Gammill Southern Company

Adam Smith American Tower

Andrew Ziola ONEOK

Randy Bhatia Cheniere Energy

Stefan Weber Zurich Airport

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