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The case for a strategic allocation to global listed infrastructure is compelling. The asset class has delivered attractive annualized total returns over the long-term, outpacing both global equities and bonds. 

An investment in global listed infrastructure should be seriously considered in any mixed-asset portfolio, or as a compliment to a private infrastructure allocation, as the benefits are:

  • attractive net total returns, both yield and capital;

  • predictable cash-flows generally linked to inflation;

  • diversification across regions and infrastructure related sub-sectors;

  • proxy for private infrastructure investment over the medium to long-term;

  • transparency and liquidity versus private investment; and

  • it is an strategic investment priority worldwide.

The white papers found on this page provide a compelling investment case for global listed infrastructure investment. 


Listed & unlisted infrastructure - closing the gap January 2022

Infrastructure and Net Zero June 2021

Why infrastructure may benefit from raising interest rates - Brookfield PSG May 2021

2020.02 Public Infra Cover

February 2020 Let Private Capital Heal Public Infrastructure

2019.08 WP Cover

August 2019 GLI - An idea, an allocation, whose time has come


May 2019 Changing face of US Midstream

C&S Cover

Case for Global Listed Infrastructure July 2018

2017.12 Index

GLIO Index Comparison Dec 29, 2017

Video: Infrastructure Masterclass

Video: Listed Infrastructure Masterclass

IIT Cover

Case for IITs CenterSquare June 2017

Urban Skyline

Case for Listed Infrastructure March 2017

2017.02 Bond

February 2017 GLI - Not Just a Bond Proxy

2016.Q1 CS

January 2017 America's Infrastructure Boom

Stock Market Quotes

October 2016 Optimal Benchmark

C&S Case

September 2016 GLI

2016.08 AMP

AMP Capital August 2016

2016.06 CBRE

CBRE Clarion June 2016

CS IM Cover June 2016

CenterSquare June 2016

MS Cover 2016 White Paper

Morgan Stanley Jan 2016

C&S Oct 2015

Cohen & Steers Sept 2015

CBRE sept 2015

CBRE Clarion Sept 2015

CBRE Dis Sept 2015

CBRE Clarion Sept 2015

AMP Cover

AMP Capital May 2015

CS IM Cover

CenterSquare Q1 2015

CBRE Intro

CBRE Clarion Sept 2014

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