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GLIO Index Monthly & Member's News

GLIO Index monthly by issue

The GLIO Index monthly statistics report has established itself as the 'go to' publication for the latest performance data on listed and unlisted infrastructure.  

The report includes a wide range of short, medium of long-term data including:

  • Performance comparisons across infrastructure indices, general equities, and bonds

  • Trailing and 12 months forward fundamental data on the GLIO Index, including:

    • EV/EBITDA multiples

    • Net Debt/EBITDA ratios

    • Net Debt/EV ratios

    • Price-Earnings ratios

  • Headline, Sector groups, Sector performance of the GLIO Index​

  • GLIO/GRESB ESG Public Disclosure ratings

In addition, the monthly e-mail includes all member's essential press releases, research, and news. It is a time-efficient way to keep up to speed with the asset class.

Download the latest monthly commentary here.

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