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Media & Outreach

The key press and media contacts covering the global infrastructure industry are listed below:


  • I3 - Institutional Investing in Infrastructure

  • Inframation

  • IPE & IPE Real Assets

  • PEI - Infrastructure Investor

  • Smartkarma

In addition, we also partner with specialist advisors who target specific areas of the investment community.


Institutional Investing in Infrastructure



Infrastructure Investor

IPE Real Assets

IPE Real Assets


Recent Publications

Jan 2023 GLIO Journal - Issue 12

July 2022 GLIO Journal - Issue 11

Jan 2022 GLIO Journal - Issue 10

Atlantia - Infra magazine GLIO interview

July 2021 GLIO Journal - Issue 9

Jan 27, 2021 GLIO & GRESB launch world's first infrastructure ESG index

Jan 2021 GLIO Journal - Issue 8

Oct 2020 Global Summit Panel - Listed Infrastructure

Oct 2020 Latest GLIO Index Advert

July 2020 GLIO Journal - Issue 7

Issue 6 Cover

February 2020 GLIO Journal - Issue 6

2019.09 IPE Advert

September/October 2019 IPE Real Assets GLIO Members Advert

2019.09 i3 Advert

September 2019 i3 Magazine GLIO Members Advert

2019.09 IPE

September 2019 IPE Real Assets Missed Opportunities


September 2019 Swedish Financial Press Coverage

Investing Article

September 2019 Africa Investor Building Exposure Article

GLIO Journal

August 2019 GLIO Journal - Issue 5 Focus on ESG

PFS Cover

May 2019 Pension Fund Service x3 GLI Articles

2019.04 FW Cover

April 2019 Financier Worldwide Undeployed Infrastructure Funds

Front Cover

January 2019 GLIO Journal - Issue 4

Feb 2018 Advert

December 2018 GLIO Press Advert

2018.10 AI IITs

October 2018 African Investor IITs Article

Roundtable Cover

August 2018 Infrastructure Investor Roundtable

Front Cover

August 2018 GLIO Journal - Issue 3


January 2018 GLIO Journal - Issue 2 Cover

November 2017 IREI GLIO Special Report

GLIO Journal 1 Cover

June 2017 GLIO Journal - Issue 1

Blending Infrastructure PR

Blending Infrastructure Press Release


GLIO "Transportation - Making the Connection" IPE Article


GLIO Listed Airports IREI Article


February 2017 University of Cincinnati Presentation

2017.Q1 Trump Infra Plan

March 2017 Investing in Trump's Infrastructure Plan

2016.09 Unlisted Cover

September 2016 Unlisted fund returns: what do we really know?

Display of Stock Market Quotes

GLIO "Time to Shine" IPE Article

Market Analysis

GLIO/EY Solvency II IPE Article


Interview with CBRE & Franklin Templeton Infrastructure Investor

Cargo Ship

PREA - Listed Infrastructure Growth

GLIO Logo lg

July 2016 Launch Press Release


Infrastructure Investor - Listed Roundtable

Brooklyn Bridge

IPE "Infrastructure:Time of Arrival" Article

Under Contruction

McKinsey - Making the most of the wealth of finance

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