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GLIO Index Committee

The GLIO Index Steering Committee is responsible for the overview and development of the GLIO Index ground rules. 

The GLIO Index Steering Committee does

  • Act as an independent advisor to the index provider - GPR;

  • Hold index review conference calls in March & September (out of trading hours);

  • Discuss market developments and ensures the ground rules reflect market trends in a timely manner;

  • Have an investor focus and also seeks feedback from ESG advisors, investment consultants and listed companies to ensure their interests are taken into account;

  • Advise the index provider in extra-ordinary situations.  

The GLIO Index Steering Committee does not

  • Stock pick or advise on individual companies;

  • See information concerning inclusions/exclusions prior to index review conference calls;

  • Have access to non-public information;

Manoj Patel_High Resolution (002)

Manoj Patel DWS Index Committee Chairman

Beth Straka WEC Energy Group Company Advisor

Peter Hobbs bfinance Investment Consultant Advisor

Sarah Shaw 4D Infrastructure

Jeremy Anagnos CBRE Clarion Securities

Jags Walia Kempen Capital Management

David Bentley ATLAS Infrastructure

Tim Humphreys Ausbil Investment Management

Shane Hurst ClearBridge Investments

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