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The GLIO Index was developed under consultation with the specialist global listed infrastructure investment managers. The index is calculated, maintained and disseminated by real assets specialist index provider GPR.  


The general principles of the GLIO Index are to capture companies engaged in activities that are 'mission critical' to the day-to-day functioning of society and the global economy. Company characteristics should include: high barriers to entry, high capital requirements, or regulation;  predictability of cash-flows through regulation, robust long-term contractual agreements and dominant market position. 

Companies must derive 75% of EBITDA from the following infrastructure groups: Energy Transportation & Storage, Communications Infrastructure, Transportation, Renewable Energy and Regulated Network Utilities.  

The GLIO Index is designed to enable comparisons between listed and unlisted infrastructure assets, making it possible for investors to blend their infrastructure exposure. The GLIO Index eligible infrastructure sectors are based on the broader industry standard EDHECInfra TICCS®  classification system.    

Ground Rules, Further Reading & Example GLIO Index Constituents Files

GLIO Index March 31, 2021

March 2021 Index review results

Jan 2021 GLIO/GRESB ESG Index Ground Rules

Jan 29, 2021 GLIO Index Full Constituents, weights & Index Histories from 1999

Latest GLIO Index Advert

Latest GLIO Index Advert

Data Vendor Codes

GLIO Index - Data Vendor Codes

Brooklyn Bridge

GLIO Index Ground Rules April 2020

GLIO Index File Example April 30, 2020

GLIO Index Constituent File Example April 30, 2020

TICCS® Classification System

Index Changes & Announcements

GLIO Index 2021 March Review Inclusions/Exclusions

GLIO Index 2020 Sept Review Inclusions/Exclusions

GLIO Index 2020 Sept Review Constituents Excel

GLIO Index Licenses

GLIO members can receive index values and constituents free of charge as part of their membership package. Index data can be downloaded from the GLIO members section, or received directly via e-mail or FTP from GPR. Please complete the following contact page for more information.  

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