Listed Infrastructure:

Moving to the Mainstream 

March 19, 2019

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Photo credit: Paolo Risser & PEI Media Group

Photos: Paolo Risser & PEI Media Group

Listed Infrastructure: Moving to the Mainstream


Fraser Hughes, CEO, Global Listed Infrastructure Organisation (GLIO)



David Bentley, Partner, ATLAS Infrastructure

Giuseppe Corona, Head of Global Listed Infrastructure, AMP Capital

Manoj Patel, Co-Head of GIobal Infrastructure Securities, DWS

Key Themes Discussed:

  • Why are large investors increasingly looking to the listed market?

  • The key points of differentiation of listed vs private infrastructure;

  • The size of the core listed infrastructure universe and why definition matters;

  • A question of balance: Should institutional investors invest in both listed and unlisted infrastructure?

  • Undeployed infrastructure funds and the role of listed infrastructure;

  • Listed infrastructure performance during downturns - defensive, smaller draw-downs versus equities and similar recovery to direct infrastructure;

  • Underlying assets and the drivers of actual performance.

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