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Listed Infrastructure:

Moving to the Mainstream 

March 19, 2019

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Listed Infrastructure: Moving to the Mainstream

Global Investor Forum

Listed Infrastructure Panel

Panel Members

Fraser Hughes, GLIO

Giuseppe Corona, AMP Capital

David Bentley, ATLAS Infrastructure

Access to Infrastructure

Manoj Patel, DWS

Examples of high quality listed companies

Infrastructure investment challenge

Photo credit: Paolo Risser & PEI Media Group

Photos: Paolo Risser & PEI Media Group

Listed Infrastructure: Moving to the Mainstream


Fraser Hughes, CEO, Global Listed Infrastructure Organisation (GLIO)



David Bentley, Partner, ATLAS Infrastructure

Giuseppe Corona, Head of Global Listed Infrastructure, AMP Capital

Manoj Patel, Co-Head of GIobal Infrastructure Securities, DWS

Key Themes Discussed:

  • Why are large investors increasingly looking to the listed market?

  • The key points of differentiation of listed vs private infrastructure;

  • The size of the core listed infrastructure universe and why definition matters;

  • A question of balance: Should institutional investors invest in both listed and unlisted infrastructure?

  • Undeployed infrastructure funds and the role of listed infrastructure;

  • Listed infrastructure performance during downturns - defensive, smaller draw-downs versus equities and similar recovery to direct infrastructure;

  • Underlying assets and the drivers of actual performance.

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