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Headline Asset Class Annualized US$ Total Returns (as at March 31, 2021)

Source: GLIO, GPR, MSCI & Barclays


Promoting investment in global listed infrastructure

The Global Listed Infrastructure Organisation (GLIO) is the representative body for the $2.7 trillion market capitalization listed infrastructure asset class. GLIO raises investor awareness for the asset class through research, education, events and promotion. 

GLIO is supported by its membership structure. Its members are regulated utilities, transportation infrastructure, communications infrastructure and energy transportation infrastructure companies. In total, GLIO corporate members represent approximately $650bn in market capitalization, or $850bn in Enterprise Value.  

Specialist listed infrastructure managers make up a significant part of the membership, along with banks and advisors. The specialist managers manage approximately $111bn in assets under management.  


Investment needed to 2040 *


Investment gap *


Pure Infrastructure
Mkt Cap **


GLI Managers combined AUM ***
* GI Hub Outlook to 2040
** GLIO Index as at September 30, 2020
*** as at December 31, 2020


Global Listed Infrastructure Investment
Global Listed Infrastructure FTSE
Global Listed Infrastructure Research

Infrastructure plays an increasing role in investors portfolio allocations. 53% of institutional investors plan to increase their allocation to infrastructure over the long term.*  


A balanced, blended approach to infrastructure investment provides stable income, global diversification and transparency within a cost-effective framework. 


* 2018 Preqin Global Infrastructure Report 

The general principles of the GLIO Index are to capture companies engaged in activities that are 'mission critical' to the day-to-day functioning of society and the global economy.

Companies must derive 75% of EBITDA from the following infrastructure groups: Energy Transportation & Storage, Communications Infrastructure, Transportation, Renewable Energy and Regulated Network Utilities.  

Timely information, investment research and statistics, plus backing from the major global banks within the GLIO network, ensures investors have key analytics at their fingertips to help make investment decisions.


Working with the investment media enables GLIO to convey the benefits of listed infrastructure investment to a global audience. 



Electric Utilities
Gas Utilities
Water Utilities
Passenger Rail
Passenger Rail
Marine Ports
Energy Transport & Storage
Energy Transport & Storage
Telecom Infrastructure
Infrastructure Investment Co's
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