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A clear understanding of the sheer size of the investment required to upgrade and replace ageing infrastructure is essential to tackle the funding challenges that lie ahead. 


Listed infrastructure companies will play an crucial role in bridging the infrastructure investment gap, as Governments fall short. 

In working with listed companies to highlight their efforts, GLIO plays a key role in increasing investors awareness and supporting the continued growth of the asset class.

A steady high quality stream of research and education material is essential to help investors understand the underlying dynamics of global infrastructure investment, and where listed infrastructure fits into the broader investment picture.

Latest Research & Articles

GLIO Index December 29, 2023

The alternative energy revolution Nov 2023

Watch key trends in energy infrastructure Oct 2023

Extreme weather risks and their impact on investors Oct 2023

Podcast: The growth thematics immune to economic volatility Oct 2023

Changing the imperative from 'energy transition' to 'energy addition' Oct 2023

A Guide to Listed and Private Infrastructure Solutions Sept 2023

Europe Roadtrip Insights - 4D Infrastructure Sept 2023

The importance of Emerging Markets

Infrastructure in new inflationary environment April 2023

Listed v private infrastructure valuations - Maple-Brown Abbott March 2023

Americas Roadtrip Insights - 4D Infrastructure Feb 2023

Cohen & Steers: Private and listed infra: the case for a complete portfolio

CBRE: A strategic allocation to listed infrastructure

S&P Infrastructure & Energy Insights Jan 2023

Global Outlook 2023 4D Instructure

CBRE: All roads lead to Infrastructure Dec 2022

CBRE: LIsted real assets path to net-zero Dec 2022

USA Trip Insights - 4D Infrastructure Dec 2022

Listed v unlisted Infrastructure - ClearBridge Sept 2022

S&P Outlook August 2022

European Roadtrip Insights - 4D Infrastructure June 2022

May 2022 Why country risk matters

May 2022 Inflation fighters: The case for real assets

May 2022 Natural gas & midstream

March 2022 Russia-Ukraine conflict

The case for global listed infrastructure March 2022

Airports in post-pandemic world February 2022

2022 Outlook 4D Infrastructure February 2022

2022 Outlook Duff & Phelps IM January 2022

2022 Outlook CBRE IM January 2022

January 2022 Measuring the gap between listed & unlisted infrastructure

Roadmap to Net Zero December 2021

bfinance: Re-evaluating the cast for listed infrastructure November 2021

Not all net zero targets are created equal November 2021

November 2021 Essential assets: the case for listed infrastructure

Managing methane a key to tackling climate change November 2021

October 2021 Infra, interest rates & inflation

S&P Outlook October 2021

Utilities: center of the energy transition September 2021

Countdown to zero? September 2021

Sept 2021 ESG & Listed Infrastructure: The missing link

The next generation of Infrastructure - Brookfield PSG May 2021

S&P Outlook May 2021

ClearBridge Investments Inflation: rising rates & infrastructure April 2021

April 2021 4D on Green Hydrogen

The path ahead for global infrastructure March 2021

2021 Outlook - 4D Infrastructure

S&P Global Next decade - Green Investments

November 2020 US Election & Infrastructure

Oct 2020 Decarbonisation and the investment opportunity

Sept 2020 - The push for sustainable infrastructure

July 2020 Why infrastructure & why now?

June 2020 Complementary Portfolio Allocations - 4D Infra

S&P Global Ratings Infrastructure Finance Outlook Q1 2020

2020.GM 26

April 2020 GLI - 'Buy' time looming?

2020.TI 9

April 2020 4D - USA Trip Insights

2020 mid

March 2020 4D - Oil shock on Midstream Assets

2020 COV19

March 2020 GLI & COVID-19


February 2020 Global Matters - ESG at 4D

2020.02 Cover

February 2020 Decarbonization and the Starring Role of GLI

2020.01 Cover

January 2020 The More Energy, Less Carbon Dilemma

Issue 6 Cover

February 2020 GLIO Journal 6 - Issue 6


The Role of Listed Infrastructure & REITs

Listed Blend

February 2020 GLI - An Allocation whose Time has Come


A Window on Infrastructure


Railroads Primer


Telecom Infrastructure Primer


Utilities Primer

Time has come

GLI - The Time has Come


GLI - Role in a Portfolio


Energy Transition

oz renew

Financing Australian Renewables


Renewable Energy Investment Environment


Hydro-Power & Energy Transformation

4D Cover

September 2019 4D Infrastructure European Review

GLIO Journal

August 2019 GLIO Journal - Issue 5 Focus on ESG

best bet

August 2019 Listed infrastructure for core exposure


August 2019 Building Infrastructure exposure


August 2019 Bridge over troubled water

role esg

August 2019 Increasing role of ESG


August 2019 DC & listed infrastructure


August 2019 Emerging markets & infrastructure


August 2019 Trash & burn (EfW)


August 2019 Solvency II & infrastructure

esg effect

August 2019 ESG effect on investing


August 2019 GRESB public disclosure dataset


August 2019 Secular trends dominates interest rate regime


July 2019 4D Infrastructure Canadian Review

2019.H1 Outlook

S&P Global Ratings Infrastructure Finance Outlook H1 2019

BM Video 2

March 2019 Infrastructure's Defensive Nature - Video Cohen & Steers

Front Cover

January 2019 GLIO Journal - Issue 4 CEO Visions


S&P Global Ratings Infrastructure Finance Outlook Q4 2018


January 2019 GLIO Journal - Issue 4 A story of undeployed funds


January 2019 GLIO Journal - Issue 4 Investment at a crossroads

Hand crop

January 2019 GLIO Journal - Issue 4 Project refinance & market risks

2019.01 Cover

CBRE Clarion January 2019 A defensive asset class


S&P Global Ratings Infrastructure Finance Outlook Q3 2018


August 2018 GLIO Journal - Issue 3 Where's my illiquidity premium?


August 2018 GLIO Journal - Issue 3 Infrastructure manager selection


August 2018 GLIO Journal - Issue 3 How has Infrastructure fared over 25 years?

2018.Q2 S&P

S&P Global Ratings Infrastructure Finance Outlook Q2 2018

25 Years

S&P Global Ratings 25 Years of Corporate & Project Finance April 2018

2018.03 S&P

S&P Global Ratings Infrastructure Finance Outlook Q1 2018


Cohen & Steers 2017 Commentary

MC Comp

GLIO Journal - Issue 2 Blending private & listed infrastructure January 2018


GLIO Journal - Issue 2 Global energy & the role of the listed utilities January 2018

Telecom Infra

GLIO Journal - Issue 2 Telecom Infrastructure - toning up January 2018

2017.12 S&P

S&P Global Ratings Infrastructure Finance Outlook January 2018

The 150Bn Backlog

The 150Bn Backlog Cohen & Steers December 2017

2017.10 Cover Updated Report

McKinsey - Bridging Infrastructure Gaps October 2017


Advantage Active CBRE Clarion October 2017

pipelines water

MLP Reality Check CBRE Clarion October 2017


Build to Last Cohen & Steers October 2017


Q3 2017 Commentary Cohen & Steers

AMP Capital

Down the Pipeline AMP Capital August 2017

Diversified Infrastructure

With Infrastructure - Follow Assets Cohen & Steers August 2017


JCRA Transaction trends June 2017


Defining the blend June 2017


Debt Flow Incentives June 2017

Cohen & Steers Commentary

Cohen & Steers Commentary March 2017

Construction Site

GPR Infrastructure Quarterly - Q4 2016

NR Cover

Sustainable Cities & Infrastructure Video

Broklyn Bridge

GLIO/EY Solvency II - Company Example

Bridge Infra Gap

McKinsey - Bridging Global Infrastructure Gaps

Team Discussion

Listed Infrastructure Roundtable

25 Years
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