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About this talk

Investors are facing a new era for global infrastructure investing. The next 30 years will be a critical period for global infrastructure, with worldwide investment in infrastructure expected to rise to US$79 trillion by 2040 and expanding to include modern assets such as data centers, renewables, and clean tech.


With some definitions of infrastructure widening to include these new technologies, investors are facing a potential transformational moment for global infrastructure investing. However, understanding how these new technologies, assets and companies are captured, classified and segmented across the global listed infrastructure industry will be crucial to driving long-term success.


In this webinar series, Thomas Symons, director, global head of listed real assets & portfolio manager at WTW, David Bentley, partner at Atlas Infrastructure, Manoj Patel, managing director, co-head of global infrastructure securities at DWS and Martin Howard, senior vice president of index research at Wilshire Indexes will discuss the new landscape of global infrastructure, opportunities surrounding digitalization, decarbonizations and deglobalization, and ways to better understand and navigate the new market drivers for the asset class.


Key points include:

  • The new needs of global infrastructure investors – understanding the shifting landscape due to new technologies.

  • The widening definition of infrastructure – the new realities facing global infrastructure investors, opportunities, and trends in the next 30 years.

  • Challenges facing legacy infrastructure benchmarks and approaches and how global investors can explore new frameworks and benchmarks to drive value and capture new opportunities.

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